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The mission is to provide programs that enhance both life skills and the sport of basketball — to transform and teach girls and young women how to win in life and reach their full potential.

RISE Organization is dedicated to providing an experience for youth that is rewarding and effective in teaching the individual life skills that can be applied to the basketball court as well as to the youth’s daily life experiences.

Our main goal is to become the premier Comprehensive Life Skills/Instructional Development Basketball Program and training partner. We want to facilitate the need of Amateur and College Athletes by providing unique individual teaching opportunities, coaching clinics, and basketball consulting for higher-level skills development. Our private instructional format allows our athletes and coaches the chance to learn and grow, and to maximize their abilities together in a whole new world of understanding basketball, plus an overall approach to training and playing the game.

Our trademark is that all athletes are able to learn in our program, because we understand that athletes have different ways of learning. They are respected, challenged, and are provided a structured, yet comfortable environment..

Our staff includes a "well-rounded" group of professionals who have been educated, prepared, and who are governed by the Marie Ferdinand Organization Board of Directors. This group is led by Marie Ferdinand, an 11-year veteran of the WNBA, who has more than 10 years of experience working with young adults. She is joined on the staff by Marvin Harvey, director of the Marvin Harvey School of Excellence in Tampa, Florida, as well as a number of respected college coaches and aspiring student-athlete coaches. Basketball Development Program / Life Skills Curriculum We seek to facilitate the development of young women and young girls by providing unique teaching opportunities that consist of teaching a teach-to-teach training, a life skills curriculum and basketball fundamental development for higher-level skills development. This unique approached developed by the Organization allows our athletes and coaches the chance to learn, grow and to maximize their abilities together in a setting designed to aid in understanding basketball in a distinctive approach to training and playing the game. This is accomplished through a program utilizing two professionally developed avenues of education. Athletes will participate in both avenues through this program: Basketball Development Program – Basketball fundamentals and proper instruction are the foundations that allow players to develop. Through customized basketball Clinics & Leagues, players will learn and develop the fundamental skills necessary to be successful in basketball. Life Skills Curriculum - In sports or life, you will eventually be challenged in many different ways. The Life Skill Curriculum consists of classroom instruction that will help players prepare for life issues on and off of the court.

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